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PCBFuture's prototype PCB and production PCB capabilities. is a professional quick turn PCB prototyping and volume production manufacturer located in Shenzhen,China.

Please review the PCB fabrication capabilities listed below. However, keep in mind that we are in the process of updating all our PCB manufacturing capabilities.

please send us an email if your PCB is not suitable for the ability in

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Items Manufacturing Capabilities Remarks
Number of Layers Single-sided, double-sided, 4-layers, 6-layers For multiple layer boards, please contact our salesperson for quoting.
Material FR-4 regid pcb Aluminum PCB or others, please inquire us.
Maximum PCB Size(Dimension) 500x1100 mm <=500*1100mm is="" within="" the="" scope="" of="" our="">
Board Size Tolerance(Outline) ±0.2mm/±0.5mm ±0.2mm for CNC routing, and ±0.5mm for V-scoring.
Board Thickness 0.4-2.4mm 0.4,0.6,0.8,1.0,1.2,1.6,2.0,2.4mm or others, please inquire us.
oard Thickness
±10% Normally “Plus Tolerance” will occur due to PCB processing steps such as electroless copper, solder mask and different types of finish on the pads.
Board Thickness Tolerance(t<> ±0.1mm  
Min. Line Width 0.15mm/6mil Min. Line Width is 0.15mm;In terms of multi-layer PCBs, Min. Line Width for inner-layer is 0.175mm, and 0.15mm/6mil for outer layer. If require 5mil, will charge extra fee.
Min. Line Spacing 0.4-2.4mm Min. Line Spacing is 0.15mm/6mil. If require 5mil, will charge extra fee.

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